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 1. Plant Protection
  Granule incecticides
  Acaricides - Incecticides
  Ground disinfectant
  Plant growth regulators
  Fume disinfectants
  Wetting agents

 2. Nutrition - Fertilizers
  Humic and Fulvic Products (NEW)
  Trace elements - Amino acids
  Special Purpose Products
  Products of AGRICHEM
  Plant Growth Enhancers with Mycorrhiza
  Garden supplies
  Complex granule fertilizers
  Water soluble fertilizers
  Soil Improvement Products

 3. Health Products
  Growth Regulators - LarvÚcide
  Bait Safety Stations
  Insect Control Traps
  Catching Traps of Mice Control
  Repellents-Public Health Disinfenctants
  Smoke Generators

 4. Organic Farming ......Products
  Insecticides O.F.
  Fungicides O.F.
  Nutrition - Fertilizers for O.F.

 5. Mobile Devices
  Trunk Injections



Corporate Profile


FARMA-CHEM SA is a private company based in Thessaloniki, specialized in preparation, packing and standardisation of wide range of crop-protection products, fertilizers and public health products.

FARMA-CHEM SA is the evolution of SIM, enterprise of crop-protection products founded in 1955, with individual form by Ioannis Mylonas.

Long-lasting experience in Greece, in combination with the advanced know-how, cover a wide spectrum of needs for all cultivations and public health. In FARMA-CHEM’s product list are included: insecticides, acaricides, fungicides, herbicides, disinfectant seeds, disinfectant soil, plant growth regulators, wetters, moluscicides, soil conditioners, landscape gardening supplies, PET species, water soluble fertilizers, biotechnological products, trace elements – amino-acids, public health products, growth regulators – larvacides, rodenticides, repellants – ecologicalls, bait safety stations, catching traps of mice control, traps of incisions control and other products of amateur use.

Planning and Development

Dynamism and acceptance that company had from the Greek market for the provided services and quality of crop-protection products prompted in 2000 to advance in new phase of investments with extension that led to doubling of production spaces and stocking spaces. At the end of the a’ semester of 2002 completion of new modern privately-owned offices was completed in the same place with the facilities, contributing in this way the improvement of functionalism and image of company.

Planning and manufacture of installations has become accordingly to highest technical specifications with priorities to productive process, qualitative control, environmental policy and regulations of safety according to Seveso I and Seveso II.

Taking into consideration the continuous upgraded requirements in internal as much as in external market, company has advanced in the application of completed and advanced structural program applied in all stages of departments, beginning from raw material’s reception (liquids and solids) in specifically shaped places of reception, storage, promotion of raw material in 3 lines of production and in a completely separate line of production of herbicides, the mainly production procedures, standardization and packing, and finally in promotion and storage of final products, ready for picking.

By listening the concerns and commands of Greek and European agriculture for a friendlier and clean environment we support through developmental planning, the promotion of new soft and biological crop-protection products friendly to environment.

To maintain the product quality and safety FARMA-CHEM SA certified by two systems: a) OHSAS 18001:2007 (Health and Safety at Work) and b) ELOT EN ISO 9001:2008 (Quality Management) by Lloyd's – UK.



Company upgrading its position in Greek and European area has contracted commercial collaborations with big multinational companies such as BASF, BARCLAY, FMC, IQV, AFRASA, CERTIS, BABOLNA-BIO, SALDECO, SHARDA, ZAPI, ZOLFINDUSTRIA, LIMAROU, NEUDORFF, TAGROS, AGRICHEM etc while in research of new products sector and innovative technologies collaborate with responsible Greek institutions like Mediterranean Agronomic Institute, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, National Agricultural Research Foundation and the Romanian Academy of Agricultural and Forestry Sciences and Romanian Institute for Plant Protection.


FARMA-CHEM SA is a member of the following associations:














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